Legacy Construction Pros is an industry leader in both new construction and replacement windows.  There are studies that show that the key to obtaining maximum efficiency is in the installation.  Because of that, all of our installers are experienced and certified.  Each and every one of our products comes with a manufacturer warranty.  

Energy Efficient

All of our products are specifically designed to be energy efficient.  This will help you save money every month on heating and air.  In a study according to  Windows can account for up to 30% of your total heat loss.    

Maintenance Free

Legacy offers a variety of maintenance free options.  After we install new windows into your home.  You will get many years of enjoyment out of them without having to worry about anything.  Other than cleaning the glass, you don’t have to provide any maintenance.

Expert Installation

Every one of our installers are experienced and certified.  We take great pride at being the best at what we do.  After we install your windows, you can be sure they are installed correctly.

Various Colors and Finishes

We offer 14 different colors and finishes on all of our windows.  For the exterior you will have a choice between white, beige, clay, brown, green, bronze, and black vinyl.  If you want a wood grain interior, you can choose between cherry, light oak, dark oak, bleached oak, stainable oak, stainable pine, and bengal white.  Interior and exterior colors can be combined such as white exterior with dark oak interior.

Different Options

Double Hung Windows

Double Hung Window

Our best selling product is the double hung.  It combines style and functionality.  

White Vinyl Casement windows near mr

Casement Window

Our casement will increase the curb appeal of your house.  It allows you fresh air on rainy and windy days.  

Picture Windows

Picture Window

Our picture is the best choice if you want to showcase an amazing view.  It will make your room look bigger and provide a nice open look.    

Bow Windows

Bow Window

We can take your home to the next level with a bow.  You can choose between different colors and wood.