Photo of a Decorative Glass Block Shower

Glass Block Windows & Decorative Glass Block

Glass Block windows are a perfect option for residential, commercial or industrial use.  They are energy efficient, maintenance free and provide exceptional security.  Once they are installed, you can be sure to enjoy them for many years of maintenance free enjoyment.  Legacy Construction Pros are industry leaders in everything glass block related.

Different Styles of Glass Block

Wavy Pattern Glass Block

Legacy Construction professionals original wavy design is simple and elegant.  It provides excellent light, visibility and energy efficiency.  This popular design will never go out of style. 
Nubio Pattern glass block. Wavy with vent

Diamond Pattern Glass Block

Our diamond pattern glass block is more decorative than the original style.  It provides plenty of light while being a little more obscure.  An excellent choice to set your windows apart from the crowd.
Diamond Pattern Glass Block window with vent

Ice Pattern Glass Block

Our Ice pattern  glass block is the most obscure of them all.  It is perfect for a bathrooms or anywhere that privacy is required.  It is sharp, maintenance free and amazing looking.


Rettangoloare Blue Vetropieno® glass brick by Seves Glass Block™ is in a class of its own.  This vibrant blue color glass block can make a huge statement with its bold color and catch anyone’s eye with its beauty.  This can be used with the other members of the Vetropieno® line to make amazing features in your home or office.

Glass Bricks Ventrapiano

Why Choose Glass Block?

Glass block, with its unique blend of aesthetic appeal, durability, and practical benefits, has become a popular choice for home improvement projects. The blocks are made of thick glass, offering privacy while still allowing light to pass through. This makes them ideal for applications such as bathroom windows, where privacy is essential, but natural light is also desired.